Tex Plastics Newsletter Autumn 2021

DESIGN TO MOULDING TEX PLASTICS BARNSTAPLE TEX PLASTICS DERBY FINISHING & ASSEMBLY STOCK TO LOGISTICS Tel: 01271 378528 Aviemore Industrial Estate, Barnstaple, Devon EX31 2EU Fax: 01271 379230 Email: [email protected] www.tex-plastics.co.uk Tel: 01332 546773 Wetherby Road, Derby, Derbyshire, DE24 8HL Fax: 01332 292186 Email: [email protected] www.tex-plastics.co.uk Mapdata©2021Google Mapdata©2021Google If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter please email [email protected] Q09202 Q06396 Find out how much you could be saving... The Free Audit will provide you with a ‘no-obligation’ 360 analysis of your product and supply chain. TEX pursues optimum streamlining throughout the entire manufacturing process by eliminating non-value added services and enhancing your manufacturing process. This will be under a Non Disclosure Agreement so that you can be assured of complete confidentiality. Call us with your component needs and we will provide a rapid estimate of what we feel your product could be produced for. If you decide this is of interest then we will proceed to produce a Quick Quote, which will provide you with a binding contracted production price for a set period. To find out more call 01271 378528 or 01332 546773 Building & Interiors Construction & Exteriors Electronics Life Critical Medical Specialists in the following sectors Tool preventative maintenance (TPM) programme Callum has been appointed as a tooling improvement engineer, and joins as a part of our TPM programme. The TPM involves scheduled maintenance and inspections for the injection moulds, which incorporates assessments, cleaning, repairs, and replacements of any worn-out components to keep the injection mould in tip-top condition and prevent avoidable part quality lapses and production interruption. Preventative maintenance extends the working life of a mould When your injection mould breaks down, the costs of downtime, repairs, and financial damages resulting from delivering bad parts or not even able to ship parts at all, would make preventive maintenance a financially attractive option. Injection Moulding Tooling Preventive Maintenance With an increase of tooling and more frequent tooling changes, Tex Plastics have bolstered their tooling team with the appointment of Callum Fraiser, a time served tool making apprentice.